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New Trend Inflatable Bubble House with Balloon Flying

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Author : Alice
Update time : 2023-02-28 12:01:05

New Trend Inflatable Bubble House with Balloons Flying

The inflatable bubble house is a new fashion trend for kids parties. When we post it on social media, usually it gets more likes and comments than the regular modern bounce houses. More and more inflatable rental companies and party planners add the inflatable bubble house to their stock.

inflatable bubble house

inflatable bubble house

Description:Hushine blow up bubble house includes the tunnel part and the bubble part. The tunnel part has the tube frame so it won't collapse when you open it and walk in.

Function: The bubble can allow the balloons flying inside and kids can play with them. Also it can used as as ball pit or used for camping.

Advantage: Other suppliers make the cover on the tunnel with all transparent PVC, which easily gets tore. Hushine Inflatables improved the design and use white pvc tarpaulin on the connecting part to solve this problem. Compared to the transparent PVC, the PVC tarpaulin has a big advantage of tear-resistance. Our improved inflatable bubble house is more durable.

Air Blower/Pump Required: Each inflatable bubble house requires 1 air pump and 1 air blower. The air pump is to inflate the tubes on the tunnel part and it can be removed once the tubes are inflated well. The air blower is to keep the bubble in good shape, to supply continous fresh air flow, and to make the balloons flying all the time.

Size: Its size is bubble-4m/13.1ft diameter, tunnel-1.8m/5.9ft tall and 2m/6.5ft long. Also we can make custom size for you.

If you are interested in it, don't hesitate to contact us.

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