Land Water Park


The sea life water park includes two slides, one tunnel, big bouncing area and a big pool. It features lots of sea life models, like the crab, turtle, dolphin , which are very popular with kids.
The size is 11×10×4.5m / 36×32.8×14.8 ft.
You can enjoy the fun of bouncing, sliding , climbing the mountain and playing with water here. A paradise for kids!
The water park consists of two parts, the sewn part and the sealed pool part. There are strong Velcro made in Sandwich way and eyelets for ropes in the jointing part. So they can be connected by Velcro and ropes.
The sewn part is made with best 0.55mm Plato PVC tarpaulin and it needs two blowers with constant air flow. The sealed pool is made up of 0.9mm Plato PVC tarpaulin, and it requires only one inflation by the air pump.