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Indoor theme park

Bounce House Playground

Item No.: 230739-3
Item Name: Bounce House Playground
Size: 8x7x5m
Material: 18oz & 15oz PVC tarpaulin, water proof, flame retardant
EN14960: YES
Production Time: 2-3 weeks
Worldwide Shipping: Yes
Place of Origin: China

Bounce House Playground

This multiplay inflatable playground is 7m deep, 8m wide and 5m high. It features bright multicolors and it's eye-catching. It includes the rock-climbing game, big balls and a slide. It's suitable for both boys and girls.

We are a professional inflatable manufacturer and we have professional design team to make custom-made bouncy castles upon your requirements. Also we can provide the genuine EN14960 certificate and PIPA tag and report for each castle we produce.

Don't hesitate to inquire us or email Alice at alice-aceinflatables@hotmail.com or Whatsapp 0086 191 2872 3803.


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