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Why Americans Like Scary Inflatables?

I was talking with my son, a 12-year old boy.
He asked why America has been the strongest country for such a long time in terms of science and technology, military and more.
I said, in my opinion, first, there is no world wars damage and that America attracts so many talents work there, up until now. This is the most important factor.
Secondly, people in America, they’re very open-minded and that they seem dare to do anything they want. Most of their ancestors came from Europe, and they started America from almost nothing. The risk-taking genes are deep inside them.
Take the inflatables for example. Americans like scary inflatables.
This is Hushine Inflatables’ floor model for IAAPA Expo in Paris in September 2019.
At the very beginning, a friend of mine, who run two companies for inflatables for 20 years in Europe, thought the head of the dinosaur might be too scary for kids. And that remind of me of the fact that the inflatables in European market are always cute , while the inflatables in American market are, sometimes very scary.
Check out what Americans make for their children.
This one is from the Inflatable Depot from USA, I actually saw the real product, the lizard looks so real and so big and so scary, but they love it.
And check this one from Ninja Jump, can it be more scary? But it’s one of their master piece of their inflatables.
Far from Europe to the unknown America, everything is new, everything is unknown, the blood for adventure is deep in the Americans, maybe that’s why Americans love the scary inflatables.
What do you think?


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