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How much do you know about EN14960 certificate

If you’re in the business of inflatable play equipment and if you’re from Europe, you must know that EN14960 certificate is a big thing as long as you want to run your inflatables business.

But how much you know about this standard?

Many factories in China may claim the inflatables they produce meet EN14960 standard, but the question is, do they really meet the standard?

I received an inquiry from a client in France this afternoon, the quote he got from a supplier in China claims that their products have EN14960 standard.

In the list of their quote, they mark EN14960 on every inflatable, but not for the blowers.

We have 2 inspectors from PRII (registered No. AI0164 and AI0165) in Hushine Inflatables Factory (, one is our factory director, the other is our QC officer. So we know well that the information they put WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

Not every inflatable need to conform to the standard of EN14960, an inflatable tent doesn’t apply to the standard, an inflatable zorb ball doesn’t need to conform to the standard, BUT, the blower HAS TO CONFORM to the standard.

If you don’t know much about EN14960 standard, make sure your supplier does.

Go to to verify your supplier’s qualification of this standard.

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